Strategic Negotiation: How to negotiate strategically, turning adversaries into partners


Sales Tactics: 30 Key sales tactics that every sales pro must know

3. workshop 2 in 1

strategy and tactics

1. workshop strategic negotiation

2. workshop 30 sales tactics

We'll learn about how to:


  • Dominate negotiation processes, strategically

  • Manage complex negotiations successfully

  • Build long term relationships with clients, in the way towards loyalty

  • How to convert adversaries into partners, fostering win-win resuts

  • Grow sales, generate re-purchase and build long term partnerships

We build the best option to fit your Company needs 


All workshops include:
  • LIVE Virtual journeys (no recorded classes)
  • Hands on, videos and analysis
  • Debate
  • Guide and downloadable material
Sales tactics from the pros
  • 30 sales tactics to achieve sales effectiveness
  • How to face difficult negotiators and turn them into partners
  • Keys to present offers as true value proposals
  • Positive tactics to execute and close more sales effectively
  • Negative tactics, how to bust them and how to disable them
Strategic Negotiation + Sales Tactics


2 Workshops in 1. The best combination of Strategic Negotiation and Sales Tactics for an integral training for your commercial teams.




  • Interviews (prior to the workshop) 1-1 with participants and directors to better customize the workshop to the business
  • Live Negotiation case, customized to your business
  • General Diagnosis and Key Opportunities to the commercial Team